While developing WebPDF.pro, my lecture on design and ease of use to all subpar embed-PDF-in-HTML solutions, I come to ask a developer who has removed a rendering mode support from one of the rendering engines I was considering for an official future evaluation, MuPDF, a simple question by email.

Sent from [email protected]:

👨🏻‍💻 Why was drawPageAsSVG dropped from recent builds as obsolete?

Then comes a reply worthy of prominent display in the internet hall of shame.

Reply from Tor Andersson <[email protected]>:

It was an experimental feature not needed for internal use.

I do not recognize ‘webpdf.pro’ as one of our commercial customers.

⋯ MuPDF is dual-licensed. ⋯ Get one license and abide by it. ⋯

Either use it under GPL and release all of your source code or get a commercial license from Artifex. ⋯

This condescending little Swede takes his liberties with my email domain, imagines I might just be using his precious tool for commercial gain without license and sees it within his rights to lecture me on GPL and dual-licensing, presuming guilt and wrongdoing! What an entitled load of non-sense!

When I tell him to behave himself better in future emails (to others, as I have forever blocked his presence), one final reply slips to my inbox trash (where such behavior rightfully belongs):

⋯ 👨🏻‍💻 I am very well aware of the two licenses around mupdf. ⋯

Reply from Tor Andersson <[email protected]>:

How am I supposed to know that? You barge into my private email demanding answers to code I wrote ages ago, without introducing yourself and without explaining why you want to know. You’ll have to forgive me if I assume that you’re just another in a long line of clueless mobile web developers who have never heard of the GPL and think open source is the same as public domain. I didn’t want you to waste your time pursuing something that you end up not being able to use, because you either have no intent to pay for a license and can’t or don’t want to release the source to your project as GPL. ⋯

Ok, let us see the words of a person asking for forgiveness here.

How am I supposed to know that? ⋯ I didn’t want you to waste your time pursuing something ⋯

Fair enough, you are not supposed to know that I am aware of and have internalized the principles of free software and dual-licensing.

You are just as not supposed to talk down to someone that has reached out to you on an unrelated topic,

  • assuming negligence, inexperience, inability to manage time in one email
  • and then dressing such behavior up as being considerate of my time in the next

barge into my email

I emailed the address associated with a commit on a public git repository.

demanding answers to code I wrote ages ago

I asked, in one simple sentence because I was considerate of his time, a very basic question on 2021-03-24 about his commit dated 2020-09-18 – that is 6 months and 6 days, and not ages, ago.

That is not how you conduct yourself in life or business.

The endless arrogance and sense of entitlement coming from a person born in such an irrelevant corner of the world as Sweden is nothing but very rich and ridiculous.

I do not want Mr. Andersson and other people from the West to waste their time pursuing a career in producing pitiable examples of being incapable of functioning in society in a civilized and educated manner.

I will have nothing to do with Tor Andersson and MuPDF.