At, we have sworn to make the world’s best PDF web components! Giving it unparalleled power and ease of use by building upon the solid foundations of the latest web standards. Our dependency-free, web-native PDF elements grow stronger every day 🎉!

As the first major version update to our custom HTML elements nears completion, we are excited to introduce our quantum leap in high-fidelity rendering! We are about to ship PDFium – industrial-grade PDF library developed at Google. It outperforms 🦊PDF.js in rendering fidelity.

Comparison 🔬

Play with the controls to see for yourself just how much more accurate PDFium is.

⚠️ Your browser does not support CSS aspect-ratio. ⚠️

📕 test 📕
📄 / 📄
Image Difference
<script src="//<pdf>" type=module  ium>
<pdf-file src= id=f ium></pdf-file>

<sl-image-comparer style=width:100%>
  <pdf-page slot=after  of=f></pdf-page>
  <pdf-page slot=before of=f canvas=.js></pdf-page>

⚠️ It is still being optimized for mobile & may not perform well there before/after release. ⚠️


With the addition of ♊PDFium, will offer all 3 major PDF renderers

custom element <pdf-page>
::part(image) <canvas> <svg>
renderer ium 🦊.js 💎.js

behind the same unified declarative HTML API 📖.

<pdf-page canvas=ium></pdf-page> <!-- ♊ -->
<pdf-page canvas=.js></pdf-page> <!-- 🦊 -->
<pdf-page    svg    ></pdf-page> <!-- 💎 -->

Release 📅

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